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Tetsuro Nosaka

President of FUKUI TATEAMI Co., Ltd.

Textiles Made-in-Japan

Since the establishment in 1944, FUKUI TATEAMI Co., Ltd. has been the pioneer of the warp knitting industry in Japan, as well as the leader of product development. With a strong self-driven spirit, our biggest challenge is to increase our sales force. In our 60-year history, we have passed through many changes through the power of superior human resources, who adapt to times of transition and have the wisdom and will to weather any crisis.

When we consider the history of the textile industry, advanced countries have always and repeatedly faced competition with advancing countries. At the time when Japan became one of the advanced countries, the textile industry headed for decline. I felt the strength of the opposition at first, but I decided to "challenge the future of the textile." However, due to China's rise, all industries in Japan face difficult circumstances. As a result, all industries including the textile industry are demanded to have originality and product development capacity. The market is larger now than ever before. We can expand the market worldwide. With the spirit of challenge and with our original made-in-Japan textiles, we continue to develop new products.

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