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  Opening Up New Horizons for Knitting  

Outline of company

Company building aerial photography
Company name   FUKUI TATEAMI Co., Ltd.
Address   3-519-3 Nishi-Kaihotsu, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, 910-8512
    Tel 0776-52-3306
    Fax 0776-52-3307
Representative   Tetsuro Nosaka, President
Yoshihide Takagi, Executive Director
Establishment   June 16, 1944
Capital   80,000,000 yen
Billing Annual business   March 2013 : 4,300,000,000 ye
  March 2014 : 4,400,000,000 yen
  March 2015 : 4,300,000,000 yen
Number of employees   58 men and 31 women (Total 89)
Contents of business   Production of warp knitting clothes
    Usage Women's and men's clothing, car seat, swimwear, backing fabric, sportswear, etc.
Affiliate companies   e-GATE Co., Ltd.
  JEFTY Co., Ltd.


June 1944   Capital : 1,300,000 yen
Started production of warp clothing.
July 1945   All plant buildings and machines were burnt during the war.
March 1949   Completed the first plant.
October 1953   Capital increase to 4,000,000 yen
July 1956   Completed the second plant.
May 1964   Completed the third plant.
February 1966   Designated as an investment destination of Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Corporation
June 1966   Capital increase to 40,000,000 yen
April 1971   Started operation of Kaihotsu Plant.
June 1971   Capital increase to 60,000,000 yen
June 1976   Capital increase to 80,000,000 yen
November 1985   After the death of former president, Tadashi Nosaka was appointed President.
March 1991   Expanded Kaihotsu Plant.
April 1995   Apparel Department was separated and F.T. APPAREL Co., Ltd. was established.
The head office was moved to Kaihotsu Plant.
April 1998   Affiliate company, JEFTY Co., Ltd. was established and started operation.
October 2005   A single exhibition of FUKUI TATEAMI was held in Shanghai for the first time.
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